Sunday, January 22, 2012

When I was younger..

I have always been a runner. I was an active child who liked to play and run outside. I continued doing that through school. Then there were a few years when I was in University and I didn't run much, but I didn't have a car either so I bicycled a lot. Then I met my ex husband who was a runner. Still is. He tought me some useful things like how to choose running shoes and that things like running bras existed. Then nothing was keeping me back and I participated in my first real run when I was 26 years old. 12 kilometers in 70 minutes. Then I weighed maybe 60 kilos. What I didn't know was also that I was pregnant. Need I say that the child turned out to be a runner? Well. The pregnancy meant that I had to take it easy and the next years the street runs weren't that many because other pregnancies followed that first one. And 20 extra kilos as well. Or 22 kilos to be exact. Despite of those extra kilos I alway continued to run and participated in maybe one run a year. I was very energetic one summer when my youngest child was sick and I couldn't work because of that. Then I ran 12k run, half marathon and a bicycle race. But that was the most I did. Until five years ago when I decided I didn't want to be fat and slow for the rest of my life.

Maybe I should start a year earlier. Almost six years ago. Then I discovered all of a sudden that I was way to heavy. Like that would be a surprise. No, seriously, one morning I went on the scale and saw some numbers there I had never seen before. And then somehow I got into a circle of doing things right. Went out running, ate healthy, kept a journal.  So, most mornings I went out with my dog, wrote down what I ate and kept track of both my kilometers and my weight. Of course it is very motivating to see some advances, and I did see some. So, almost two years ago my top secret New Year's resolution was to run a half marathon in Reykjavik marathon in August 2006. 

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