Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On and on

Doesn't everyone just love it when someone keeps on and on talking about his interest. I mean, some people are interested in football, or soccer, or formula something car racing. And they seem to think it isn't rude to keep on and on talking about those interests. I am joking. Because... Well... football and car racing don't interest me. Not a tiny bit. Nor does the life of the stars in Hollywood. Or in Bollywood. Or in Reykjavik. It doesn't even interest me if the guy that lives in the house across the parking lot is having an affair. That is his affair and as long as I am not the one he is cheating on or having sex with, it just isn't my business. And if someone wants to entertain me by telling me about who cheated on whom and when, I have huge difficulties looking seriously interested. Sometimes I even give a lecture on moral. Tell the storyteller that it isn't right to stick ones nose in other peoples private affairs as he is doing. And yes, speaking of football or soccer. Once there was this guy who was trying to convince me that we were made for each other. He said: "we both like soccer and we both have dogs, we are just alike". I started laughing uncontrollable but then he rescued himself out of this by saying: "at least I can make you laugh". He was funny, I agree. But that didn't make me any more interested in soccer. Soccer is fine. I can see that the kids that play soccer seem to be healthy and happy. And that is good. Although I don't know what to think of earlier soccer players that seem to have grown a ball in front of their abs and sit in a sofa all day long nursing that ball. Watching soccer on TV. If that counts as sports I am out. 

Yes, I am out. I like to be out there myself. Doing the sport myself instead of just participating by watching others run around behind a TV screen. But I admit, I am guilty of talking about my interest. Sometimes nonstop. I like writing on my blog about running. I don't care if anyone reads it, I am not writing this for anyone who isn't interested in running. This is just my story.  Everything in here is true. But then, it can't be difficult to tell the truth when you mostly babble on and on about your opinions and interests. In fact I consider myself pretty lucky having the opportunity to write this without bothering about some picky readers. 

Maybe what I am trying to say is that I am writing this just as I would talk to a fellow runner who wanted to hear my story. My story is just my own story. It isn't the story of the guy I sometimes see running on Sundays. And it isn't the story of any other person in my running group. We all got different backgrounds. OK, you can find some similarities if you try. I think most of the people in running group got academic education. Don't know why. And there are quite a few physicians and teachers there. I guess it is just natural to find out that people that share one interest also share other interests as well. That is part of the fun. 

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