Sunday, January 22, 2012

The announcement

I didn't tell anybody about my plans to run a halfmarathon in 2006. I don't know why I kept all this secret. Well... of course my family knew I was running, but there was nothing new in that.  But no one knew I was as conscious about weight loss as I was. I succeeded in loosing 10 kilos over a few months. Then the weight stood still for a long time. But I felt totally different and had no problem what so ever in signing up to a half marathon in Reykjavik that summer. Even if I didn't tell anyone about it. Not until a few days before. And even then, most people thought I was going to run the 10k, not the half marathon. But I was there, feeling really fat but also great. The whole run was such fun. My time was slow, 2:20. I was happy and content. It felt great to have achieved this. I was never in doubt I could do it because I had once before run this distance. And I knew it would be OK to walk the whole way if I wanted. But I ran. All the way. Slowly and steadily. 

After the half marathon I said I could of course loose 10 kilos more and run a whole marathon next year. But I think those who heard me say this thought I was just joking. I wasn't. And there I was five years ago. Weighing 10 kilos too much, but quite determined to run a whole marathon in 2007. December 31th I ran a long distance. Probably 14k. And thought about my blog post where I announced my New Year's resolution. The blog post sounded like this: 

"I have for a long time ruminated on a dream of running a whole marathon. 42,2 km. Last year my top secret New Year's resolution was to run a half marathon in the year of 2006. I succeeded, among other things because I registered early and knew I wouldn't back out. Now I will take the next step and loose 10 kilos more and finish the whole marathon. Time doesn't matter. It is the training and just being a part of a 42,2k street run I want to achieve. The details follow later. Details on how far I will run each week and things like that.

So. Now I will get out of bed. Eat a little. Put on running gear and jog a long tour with the dog. Then the dog will be more relaxed the rest of the day and the evening. I could use some tranquilizer myself. A tour out there, up and down hills, between rocks and trees, is my Fontex"

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