Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A "runner"?

I like to be outside and I like to be active. It has always been like that. I think the summer when I was 13 I hardly walked. I remember people saying that I couldn't walk, I always ran where I was going. Then I was in a High School where you were supposed to run outside before work out. Not far, but you had to do it. In fact this wasn't as difficult for me as many of the other kids. Then I didn't have a clue on how important the gear is. The shoes and the bra. In spite of this ignorance I ran off and on for the next few years. Then I met my children's father. He was and is a runner. When I was with him I always felt I wasn't running just for my own sake. My kid's father was the fastest runner in his school as a kid. He was very athletic and competed in all kinds of distances. And he even managed to run three marathons before I met him. He made one attempt shortly after we met and gave up at 33 kilometers. I know he was pushing himself to run too fast. But that was his way of doing things. He says he is better at the shorter distances. 

I am a totally different personality. I can run fast if I want to. Not as fast as my children's father though. But he got this unbearable overbearing look on his face when we were running together so I quit running with him. Anyway, we had to take turns running and babysitting. But of course, him being such a good runner was good for me also. He often did win some kinds of lotteries and prizes at the runs he participated in and I got a pair of shoes from him once and a trip to Paris with him once. Not bad. 

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