Tuesday, January 24, 2012

All the excuses one could use

Think, how many excuses I could have found if I was into that way of thinking. I could have had my focus on some pain somewhere. I could have said to myself that I didn't have the time to run. I could have said to myself that there was no use trying to run a whole marathon if I still was overweight. And then I could have used all kinds of excuses to eat. I could have consumed a liter of ice cream with chocolate chips every time I felt down. I could have used the excuse that I have always been overweight since my first pregnancy. I could have said to my self that my metabolism just is too slow like many women my age in fact do, just because they do not need to eat as much now as they did when they were younger. Mostly because they do not exercise at all. I could have said to myself that since I got this big car with all the expenses that follow having a car I might as well use the car as much as possible. I could have said to myself that I look stupid running with all this overweight. I could have said to myself that running is uncomfortable. Or I could have said that I wasn't endorphin junkie so I didn't need to get high from running. Oh wow, what a lot of excuses I haven't used! Not to mention the excuse that I don't want to risk falling by running when it could be slippery outside. And that I don't want to risk getting the common cold, or flu, or pneumonia by running when it is cold outside. 

The focus was on the marathon. Or rather to be exact, the first year my focus was on the half marathon. Then I shifted focus and made it a whole marathon. My focus just wasn't on all those possible excuses. And boy, am I glad that I didn't waste my time and energy on such boring and negative thoughts. I have always been pretty bad at feeling sorry for myself. Poor me, being so bad at this. Joke!

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