Monday, January 30, 2012

All kinds of gadgets

There are so many things you can buy to prevent or rather get rid of all kinds of problems. If you don't want your back to hurt, you have to buy an expensive chair to sit in at your desk. A chair that has all kinds of possibilities for adjusting so you can find the one position you are going to be in for the next years. Then you don't have to move. The chair makes sure there will be no reason for that. Or rather, no opportunitiy if you once have adjusted it. Because then you don't want to mess with changing that. 

Do I need to say that I don't believe in expensive chairs that you can adjust to your body. What is wrong with moving your body around and let it adjust to whatever you are sitting or laying on? If you haven't lost all feeling for your body you will feel when you have been sitting or laying in the same position too long. Then you move around. Or change the way you sit. There is no "right" way to sit in my mind. Sometimes it is quite OK to hang down. If you don't do it always. Sometimes it is OK to cross your legs. If you don't sit like that all day long. 

It is not only chairs you can buy who are supposed to provide support. Shoes, beds, all kinds of things to put around your keyboard and I could go on for a long time. There are all kinds of "support" like bandages, some modern corsets, socks, panties, underwear that are supposed to make your body look better. Yeah. I don't give much for that idea. If you need a corset to look good, how do you think you look when you move around? Stiff? What about having a stick stuck up a unmentionable place. Oh. wow. I am trying not to imagine my reaction if I met a man and decided to go to bed with him and found out that he was wearing a corset. I would run. Fast. Away. On the other hand, I suppose I would never feel any desire to go to bed with a man that would even think of using a corset. 

Pain killers are another kind of "help" to people who want to get rid of all kinds of uncomfort. But by using pain killers you loose the ability to feel when things are beginning to be a little uncomfortable. If you are taking some pills to get rid of that pain in your shoulder, then you don't feel that you have been sitting too long in the same position or that you are using a wrong technique to lift a heavy item from the floor. If you dont pay attention to those warning signs of uncomfort you will most likely end up with some pain somewhere that results in swallowing more pills. Which again means that you don't pay attention to your body. And you believe those salesmen that tell you an expensive bed with all kinds of possibilities to raise different parts of the bed and the person that is laying in the bed, is absolutely necessary. Need I say that I don't believe in that kind of comfort. Because I don't think it works in the long run. 

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