Wednesday, February 1, 2012

UTMB 2013 :)

I have been waiting for the new rules regarding the qualifying races one needs to register for UTMB 2013.  I didn't win the lottery this year and I have to wait until august 2013.  Since I ran the CCC in 2010 and TDS in 2011 it seems as if I already have the points I need, even if they require 7 points instead of the 5 points you had to have to participate this year.  I thought my CCC points were too old, but apparently they aren't.

This is a relief.  It isn't all that simple finding a race that meets the criteria, especially when you live in a country far away from other countries and this country only has one race which gives one point, once a year.
Since I didn't win the draw this year I am guaranteed admission next year.

UTMB 2013, here I come :)  Only 166 km and 9500 positive altitude change.

Now I can start planning 2012.  I might try to beat my own record in street marathons.  And even try to qualify for Boston.

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