Saturday, February 18, 2012

Running In A Group

Running alone is different from running in a group. Some people like it a lot, others say they prefer to run alone. Somehow it seems to me though that the ones that say it suits them better to run alone, they don't know how it is to be a part of a running group, simply because they have never been in a group like that.
Runners are different and they run for different reasons. Some run to lose weight, some run because of the company, some run to win, some to keep themselves fit etc... Some of us run for all those reasons and many more.
If you have to be the first, a group can make life difficult for you. If you run alone you are always first. Or maybe you don't like the thought of coming last. But someone has to be the last one. A group where the moral is to take care of every member of the group wouldn't leave somebody far behind. Some trainers or group leaders emphasize that you have to take turn being in front and you have to stop and wait now and then, if a group member runs slowly. Usually people find it harder to be the one the others have to wait for, than the one who runs in the front and gets the change to chat with fellow runners while waiting for the slow ones.
Somehow the company makes one run faster and further. It is quite strange that you seem to be less tired and you feel pain less when you are with others. Runners tend to be in a good mood and make silly jokes when they group together. A group where every member has the running high can not be boring.
I once was one of those who said they liked better running alone than in a group. That was before I joined a running group I fitted in. There was another running group in my town but I knew they were running for fast for me at that time. I didn't see any reason to run after those people. But now I am active in a running group that suits me perfectly. I have made some really good friends and we all agree that we are the best.
My running group has a base at a fitness center, but there is no trainer or formal leader. We take turns in deciding where we are going to run and it seems to work fine.

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